Summer and the Fire element

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Welcome to the fourth edition of my Five Element newsletter, with a focus on –  Summer and the Fire Element.

Summer and the Fire element »

Right now we’re in summer, which expresses the energy of the Fire Element.

Summer is the time of full bloom. The weather is hot, the days are long, and nature is at its peak. For us, too, it’s a time of heightened activity. We spend more time outdoors soaking up the sun and enjoying ourselves. It’s a time of openness and sharing. We’re out and about, connecting with each other, gathering together for parties and barbeques.

The warmth of the weather is mirrored in the warmth of relationship. I’ve noticed that for long periods of the year I hardly see my neighbours, but as the energy of the Fire Element kicks in with the summer, everybody appears again – people are out mowing lawns, kids are playing in the street.

It’s a time of joy – the emotion that resonates with the Fire Element. Fire is a lot about connection and relationship. It’s about our ability to access that childlike, playful aspect ourselves, but also our capacity for quiet intimacy.

Summer and the Fire element »What About People With Imbalanced Fire?

Fire Element people (those whose primary imbalance is in the Fire Element) will have difficulties with some of the aspects I’ve discussed above.

For some it will be difficult to find that exuberant, joyful energy of Fire in full bloom. They may never let go into a full belly laugh, or allow themselves to really play. Connecting with others may feel uncomfortable at times – the openness described above may give rise to excessive feelings of vulnerability. It might be easier to be alone. They may experience a lack of the warmth that Fire provides.

On the other hand, some Fire Element people may get carried away with the exuberance and joy. Perhaps they become compulsively cheerful and deny or avoid the full range of experience, which includes appropriate sadness. They may put a positive, cheerful spin on everything to the point of missing the reality. They may be running hot and never experience the quiet, cosy warmth provided by a fire burning low.

Treatment of Fire

As with all of the elements, treatment is about restoring balance. For some it would be about reconnecting with their joy, and perhaps recapturing some of that childlike exuberance and passion for life. For others it may mean relief from their exhausting role as “the life of the party”, and allow them to find the inner space in which to rest quietly and comfortably. Either way, it is often about a reconnection with ourselves, which in turn makes connection with others a richer and more rewarding experience.

Next time…..

The next edition of this newsletter will be along fairly soon, as we’re looking at Late Summer and the Earth element. It’s all about  harvest, and giving and receiving, nurturing, mothering…